Volcano, Central America
South and Central America

1. Guided Vacations are all-inclusive
    trips that include a tour guide, all lodging,
    most meals, ground transportation and
    admission to interesting sites.  Some
    packages also include air and transfers!  
    Most guided vacations are between 7 - 21
    days.  Packages usually include a day or
    two in each of many cities.  You don't need
    to know the local language. . . your tour
    guide takes care of hotel check-in,
    restaurant arrangements, entrance to the
    "must-see" sites, and more!   There are
    hundreds of guided vacations offered
    throughout all of South and Central
    America.  Some special itineraries are
    themed: gourmet, culinary, sports,
    concerts, art, and many others.
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    Guided Vacations Sampler:
    10-Day Costa Rica Natural Paradise * ALL meals *
    ALL hotels* land only * Poas Volcano* Cascading
    Waterfalls * Rainforest Hike *Banana Plantation *
    Tortuguero Park and Canal Cruise * Pineapple
    Plantation * Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge * Hanging
    Bridges * Both Atlantic and Pacific Coasts  and more  
    / from $995pp  (NOT A TYPO)

    12-Day Mayan Civilizations: Honduras, Guatemala,
    Belize * with air * 24 Meals * Guatemala City * Indian
    Village of Santiago Atitlan * Cruise Lake Atitlan *
    Antigua * Jade Factory * Copan * Quirigua (largest
    Mayan world stelae) * Tikal * Caracol and more /
    from $3,133pp  

         2. City Stays offer a more independent
    vacation experience.  Depending on length
    of vacation time, (usually between 3-12
    days) one or maybe two major South
    American cities, typically Rio de Janeiro,
    and Buenas Aires are used as "base
    camp".  Half-day and all-day excursions
    afford opportunities to see outlying areas.
    Unstructured days and half-days are also
    part of the experience.  Hotels and
    breakfasts and a city tour are included.
    Lunches and dinners and  transportation
    within the base camp city and additional
    sightseeing are usually at the descretion
    of the vacationer.  There are several City
    Stay available.

    City Stays Sampler:

            11-Day Taste of South America * land only * 9 Meals
    * Rio de Janeiro * Iguassu Falls * Buenos Aires *
    Valparaiso * Santiago * Sugar Loaf cable car ride *
    Chrise The Redeemer Statue * La Moneda Palace
    and more / from $1,659pp  

    7-Day Amazon Jungle & Rio * land only *  8 Meals *
    Manaus, Brazil * Amazon Jungle * Rio de Janeiro *
    Ecopark-Jungle Towers-Rainforest Walk * Sugar
    Loaf * and more / from $1,068pp  

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    By Foot, Hoof, Wheel or Rail Sampler:

            Train (limited availability throughout South and
    Central America).  4-day Cuzco and Machu Picchu *
    City Tour * Tambo Machay and other ruins * Sacred
    Valley of the Incas * Pisac Indian Market * Round-trip
    train ride to Machu Picchu * Hotel & Breakfasts and
    more / from $499pp.  

    + The Devil's Nose (in Ecuadorian Andes / up and
    down steep slopes & along river valleys / riders may
    sit inside or ride on roof)
    + La Trochita (Old Patagonian Express in Argentina)
    + Curitiba - Paranagua (67 bridges & tunnels in Brazil)

    Outdoor Activities

    6-days of biking, hiking, cave exploring and snorkling
    among Mayan ruins and the barrier reef in Belize and
    Guatemala.  Lodging, all meals, all transfers, 4 x 4
    vehicle support, 1,2 guides, depending on group
    size.   From $4,330pp/do. (10-40% discount for
    children 16 and younger)

    Horseback riding, hiking, mountain bike riding,         
    kayaking amid volcano views, pre-Inca ruins,
    Equador and the Galapagos islands.   Price incl.
    lodging, all meals, all transfers, 4 x 4 vehicle
    support, 1,2 guides, depending on group size.  
    From $4,330pp/do.
    (10-40% discount for children 16 and younger)           

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               Machu Picchu          

            4. Cruises, whether by large ocean
    cruise ships or smaller river ships, offer
    passengers the opportunity to see large
    sections of South or Central America in a
    compact amount of time.  PLEASE SEE

    Ocean cruise ships sail to dozens of
    ports in Central and South America.  
    Buenos Aires, Falkland Islands, Punta
    Arenas, Rio de Janeiro, Devil's Island,
    Lima, Easter Island, and the Panama
    Canal  are just some of the ports and
    regions reached by the large cruise

    The river cruise ships dock in cities and
    travel in areas not reachable by their
    bigger cousins.  Cruise along the Amazon
    River witnessing  the Mirrored Forest,
    blue-yellow macaws and pink dolphins,
    the floating village of Belen and the
    "Ribereno" people.

    Or visit some of the Galapagos Islands
    where you will see Red-Footed Boobies,
    Storm Petrels, and Giant Tortoises and
    Marine Iguanas as well as dozens of other
    exotic and rare animal and plant life.  Of
    course, as with the ocean cruise ships,
    the ship serves as the trip's hotel and
Church Tower / South America
Colorful Cart, South America
Christ The Redeemer - Rio De Janeiro
     Butterfly, Central America     
Galapagos Island "Booby" Bird       
Ways to explore:
(All sampler prices are for 2010)
    Whichever way you choose to
    experience Central and South America,
    Plans 4 Travel can help put the entire
    vacation package together.   Just tell us
    below HOW, WHEREand WHEN you
    would like to travel and we'll do the rest!

(Prices vary depending on time of travel and if
          "discount specials" apply).
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    3. By Foot, Hoof, Wheel or Rail.
    Opportunities by the dozens await
    travelers who want outdoor activities and
    adventure, or ride the train through parts
    of South and Central America not usually
    visited by tourists.  Traveling with an
    experienced guide, groups stay in hotels
    and usually eat in restaurants while
    spending their vacation time on
    backroads and/or trails.  Plans4Travel
    can help set up itineraries, lodging,
    and transportation where needed for
    those few vacations not involving a guide.

    Ocean Cruise Sampler:
    14-day cruise - Panama Canal.  Los Angeles,
    Manzanillo (Mexico), Puntarenas (Costa Rica),
    Panama Canal Transit, Carftagena, Ocho Rios
    (Jamaica), Grand Cayman, Miami.  From $1,349pp/do.

    17-day cruise - Andes & South America.  Santiago,
    (Chile), La Serna, Lima, Quito, Puntarenas (Costa
    Rica), Puerto Corinto (Nicaragua), Acapulco, Cabo
    San Lucas, San Francisco.  From $1,995pp/do.

    16-day cruise - Antarctica & South America
    Adventure.  Buenos Aires, Falkland Islands, Antartica
    Islands, Tierra Del Fuego, Punta Arenas, Montevideo.  
    From $2,445pp/do.

  River Cruise Sampler:
    11-day cruise & land - Amazon & Galapagos Wilds.  
    Quito, Coca, Explore Amazon Basin, fly to Galapagos,
    3-day cruise with  daily shore discoveries, Quito.  
    From $2,995pp/do.  INCLUDES AIR FROM USA!

    10-day cruise - AMAZON VOYAGE.  Lima, Iquitos,
    Amazon River Region (including: guided tours and
    lectures, 23 meals, wildlife excursions on land and
    skiff, piranha fishing, local village & school visits,
    nighttime skiff rides & rainforest walks, and more).
    From $3,475pp.do. INCLUDES AIR FROM USA!

    10-day cruise GALAPAGOS ISLANDS.  Visits to nine
    islands.  Daily shore excursions, swimming,
    snorkeling (eqpt. & wetsuits provided), hiking &
    panga rides, 23 meals, kayaks, all bottled water, and
    more.  From $5,208pp/do.  INCLUDES AIR FROM USA!

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