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Colosseum, Rome      photobucket
* Morocco * Egypt * Israel * Turkey *  Greece * Yugoslavia * Italy * Monaco * French Riviera * Spain *
    1. Guided Vacations are all-inclusive
    trips  that include a tour guide, all lodging,
    most meals, ground transportation and
    admission to interesting sites.  Some
    packages also include air and transfers!  
    Most guided vacations are between 7 - 21
    days.  Packages usually include a day or
    two in each of many cities.  You don't need
    to know the local language. . . the tour
    guide takes care of hotel check-in
    restaurant arrangements, entrance to the
    "must-see" sites, and more!   There are
    several guided vacations offered
    throughout the entire Mediterranean area
    which encompasses 21 countries.  Some
    special itineraries are themed: gourmet
    culinary, sports, concerts, art, and many
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Guided Vacations Sampler:

    10-Day Best of Egypt * 14 meals * 3-night Nile
    Cruise * Tutankhamun's Treasures  * Cairo & Aswan
    & Luxor * and more / from $1,675pp.  Air not included.
    11-Day The Best of Greece * 13 meals * Athens
    * Delphi * Sparta * Olympia * Acropolis * and more /
    from $2,151pp   INCLUDES AIR!  COSMOS p.136

    16-Day Spain, Portugal & Morocco *  21 Meals
    * Madrid * Granada * Lisbon * Marrakesh *  and more
    / from $2,476pp  INCLUDES AIR!  COSMOS p.110   

        14-Day The Best of Italy *  16 Meals * Rome *  
           Pisa * Florence * Milan * Verona * Venice * Pompeii *
           Sorrento * Capri * and more /
from $1,879pp  
           INCLUDES AIR!  
COSMOS p.120  

    2. City Stays offer a more independent
    vacation experience.  Depending on length
    of vacation time, (usually between 2-4 days)
    one or maybe two major island cities,
    typically Rome, Athens, Barcelona and
    Venice are used as "base camp".  Half-day
    and all-day excursions afford opportunities
    to see outlying areas.  Hotels and
    breakfasts and a city tour usually are part of
    the basic package.  Lunches and dinners
    and  transportation within the base camp
    city and additional sightseeing are usually
    at the descretion of the vacationer.  There
    are hundreds of City Stays available.  

    City Stays Sampler:

    7-Days in Oahu and Maui * Air Exclusive *
    includes "Go Oahu Card" which includes admission
    to: USS Arizona Memorial, Battleship Missouri, Grand
    Circle Island Tour, Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park,
    Outrigger Canoe Ride, Half-day snorkel gear rental,
    Makani Catamaran breakfast or lunch sail, and much
    more!   From $949pp  

    7-Nights Turks & Caicos (Caribbean) * Air
    included * FAMILY RESORT * ALL meals and snacks
    included * Water Sports * Land Sports * Luxurious
    rooms * Airport transfers * Unlimited premium
    drinks * Scuba diving * from $5,426 for a family of 4.

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    3. By Foot, Hoof, Wheel or Rail.  
    Opportunities by the dozens await travelers
    who wish to hike, ride horses, bicycle, or
    ride the train through parts of Spain, Italy,
    Greece, and other Mediterranean countries
    not usually visited by tourists.  Traveling
    with an experienced guide, groups stay in
    hotels and usually eat in restaurants while
    spending their vacation time on island
    backroads and/or trails.  Plans4travel can
    help set up itineraries, lodging, and
    transportation where needed for those few
    vacations not involving a guide.

    By Foot, Hoof, Wheel or Rail Sampler:

    Trains in Australia and New Zealand (dozens
    of combinations).  Both countries have their versions
    of sight-seeing as well as commuter train systems.  
    With train lines called "The Ghanb", "Kuranda Scenic
    Railway", Spirit of the Outback", TranzAlpine" and
    "The Overlander", train enthusiasts can enjoy a large
    variety of trip experiences!

    Bicycling in Hawaii  6-day coastal route around
    the Big Island of Hawaii.  Most meals.  Stay at Kohala
    Village Inn, Hilo Hawaiian, Volcano Lodge and
    Keauhou Beach Resort.  Trip includes biking,
    snorkeling, hiking, lava watching.  1-2 guides,
    depending on group size.  From $2,262pp/do.
    Bicycling in New Zealand  10-day from
    Queenstown to Christchurch.  From windsurfers to
    Maori culture; gold-ruch lands to dazzling glaciers to
    tropical forest to wine country.  Trip includes biking,
    hiking, jetboat ride. 1-2 guides.  From $4,186pp/do.  

    Hikking in Tobago  6-day.  Stay at Coco Reef
    Resort & Spa.  Swim at a waterfall; visit picturesque
    fising village; full day of Catamaran Sailing;
    Snorkeling; Kayaking; Windsurfing and more; off-
    road island exploration.  Many meals.  Guide.  From

    Horseback Trekking in Australia  8-day.  
    BOOMERANG TRAIL.  Kerewong Farm in Australia's
    Mid North Coast.  Ride thru Kerewong State orest.  
    Rock pool swimming hole.  Comboyne Mountain ride.
    Macadamia Farm visit.  Along the coast watch the
    dolhins and have a close encounter with kangaroos
    in the fields and feed the parrots.  Creek crossings to
    a local winery.   All meals.  Prices start at $1,405pp.
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Cinque Terra, Italy     photobucket
         Acropolis, Athens              photobucket
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona photobucket
       Morocco           photobucket
Ways to explore
the Mediterranean:
All sampler prices are for 2010 and are accurate.   
However, they are for illustration only.  In most, if
not all examples, less and/or more expensive similar  
travel experiences can be found.
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lower prices.
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List can change daily.

If you see something you like, act

Specials are limited  and once they
are booked, they are gone!
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    Ocean Cruise Sampler:

    6-day Western Caribbean Cruise  * Key West *
    Grand Cayman * Ocho Rios * Cruise only -  From

    8-day Eastern Caribbean Cruise * San Juan *
    St. Thomas/St. John * Antigua * Tortola/Virgin Gorda *
    Nassau * Cruise only -  From $649pp/do.

    14-day Panama Canal Cruise (L.A. to Miami)  
    * Manzanillo, Mexico * Puntarenas, Costa Rica *
    Panama Canal Transit * Cartagena * Ocho Rios *
    Grand Cayman * Cruise only -  From $1,349pp/do.

    11-day Hawaii & Tahiti Cruise * Honolulu *
    Kauai * Maui * Hilo * Christmas Island * Bora Bora *
    Moorea * Tahiti *  Cruise only -  From $1,695pp/do.

    7-day Hawaii Round-trip Cruise * Honolulu *
    Hilo * Maui * Kona * Kauai * Cruise only -  From
    with the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx    t14-day
    Panama Canal Cruise (L.A. to Miami)  *
    Manzanillo, Mexico * Puntarenas, Costa Rica *
    Panama Canal Transit * Cartagena * Ocho Rios *
    Grand Cayman * Cruise only -  From $1,349pp/do.

    7-day Greek Isle Cruise * Rome * Sicily * Rhodes
    * Patmos * Mylonos * Crete *  Cruise only -  From

    13-day Australia & New Zealand Holiday
    Cruise * Auckland * Wellington * Christchurch *
    Dunedin * Fiordland National Park * Tasmania *
    Phillip Island * Melbourne * Sydney * Cruise only -  
    From $2,045pp/do.

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    4. Cruises.   Crusing the mediterranean
    is one of the most popular vacations
    anywhere, anytime. The large ocean-going
    ships offer passengers opportunities to
    enjoy almost all of the Mediterranean
    countries and their different cultures in a
    compact amount of time.


    Ocean cruise ships sail along the
    coast will visit dozens of ports in the
    Mediterranean.  Israel, Greece, Turkey,  
    Italy, Monaco, and Spain are just some of
    the countries reached by the large cruise

    River cruise ships travel within a
    country's interior; areas not reachable by
    their bigger cousins.  These ships usually
    dock overnight downtown in major cities  
    along the river.  Cruise along the Nile River
    and visit Cairo and Luxor and Aswan.  Or
    begin a cruise along the Rivers Rhone and
    Saone departing from Nice, in the
    Mediterranean and ending in Paris.  

    Of course, as with the ocean cruise ships,
    the elegant river cruise ship serves as the
    trip's hotel and restaurant(s).

Whichever way you choose to have a
Mediterranean experience, Plans4Travel can  
help put the entire vacation package together.

Just tell us below
HOW, WHERE and  
WHEN you would like to travel and we'll do  
the rest!

 (Prices vary depending on time of travel and
if "special discounts" apply).